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Documents in the corporate offices and government departments are often required to have a receipt and dispatch dates on them. These dates generally refer to some legal procedure which is applicable to the companies or departments. And failure to produce evidence can attract a penalty or legal action. Therefore, government departments and business organizations take utmost care while affixing the dates on their records. This is when date stamps come into the scene.

The previously used traditional date stamps use ink pads and they are rendered useless without the additional ink pads. This is when companies came up with a sleeker device to eliminate the need of carrying the ink pad separately. The self-inking date stamps are generally made up of metal or plastic and are different from the traditional stamps which are made up of wood.

The self-inking stamps carry a replaceable ink pad within the stamp and are known to give 10,000 clear and crisp impressions before it is required to be refilled. When the stamp is not being used, the stamp pad rests on the inbuilt ink pad which moves with the help of spring mechanism. The stamp also comes with a plastic cover which prevents drying of the ink.

Moreover, the mechanism of changing dates in the self-inking date stamps is similar to the rubber date stamps. There are flat rubber bands with single digit numbers carved on them. These bands are separately loaded on cylinders which can be rotated easily. A combination of numbers gives the required month, date and year.

Engravings are oriented in such a manner that they can easily be used in combination with a number to represent a date, month and year. These stamps are specially designed to mark impressions on smaller objects which require smaller sized stamps. So go ahead and shop self-inking stamps online today!